Why Use A Specialist Recruiter?

Posted by Matthew on 14th July 2016

Some companies use in house recruitment, others prefer to use agencies. But what are the advantages of using an Agency? 

Candidates Instead Of Applicants

When you look to fill a position, you may advertise on various channels - newspapers, job boards etc. However, you will have to filter through all the applicants. This costs time and money, and it may be a while until you find or receive an application from a candidate you think suitable.You'll have to check credentials, and various other areas. A specialist recruiter will have a pre-vetted pool of candidates to choose from. The recruiter will be experienced with the individuals, meaning the agency can pick the best matching candidates from already good candidates. This results in high quality candidates straight away, instead of hit and miss applicants over a long period of time.  

Specialist Knowledge

Specialist recruiters do this job all the time, and will have inside out knowledge of your industry. What to look out for in a good candidate, the particular challenges of the area, needs and demands of the positions. You can harness this knowledge to make sure you get the best staff for important roles. Further, you can brief them specially, discuss your requirements in depth, and tap this knowledge to your advantage.  

Flexibility, Volume and Urgency 

Specialist recruiters also offer flexibility, provide large numbers, and at short notice. Recruiting for one position might be ok, but what if you need 500 staff in many different roles, and you need them in three days? Not only would that almost be impossible to achieve recruiting traditionally, it would also be a massive headache! You would be able to leave the whole task with a good recruiter, and know that the staff will be there when you need them. 

Ongoing Relationship 

Once you've found a good recruiter. You can build a strong relationship with your point of contact. They will come to know your business, your requirements and should be on hand whenever you need. Having the support of a specialist you trust at critical times can be a huge asset. Using an agency means you can have someone who is practically a member of your team, that you can access when you need, but not have on the payroll when you don't! 

At Freeway Recruitment we are proud of our friendly recruiters, dedicated client relationships, large pool of quality staff and second to none industry knowledge. If you want some support, or would like to know any more, please get in touch!

By Matthew

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