There's Giving Your Mate a Bump Start, Then There's This - Charity HGV Pull.

Posted by Matthew on 17th May 2016

You've probably given your mate a bump start before. Or even had one yourself on a cold winter morning. 

But how's about this. For Charity, Volvo held a HGV pull, to raise money for intensive care at Birmingham Childrens Hospital. 

Teams of ten faced off against each other, dragging trucks for a 100 metres. Nothing less than  a Renault Range T and a Volvo FM.

I'm not sure, I reckon i'd want a few more than 10. 

We can however, pretty much promise you won't have to drag your HGV if you work with us. So give us a call.

Leeds Driving - 0113 277 7000

Manchester Driving - 0161 205 66 12

By Matthew

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