Stuck Without A Suit For That Job Interview?

Posted by Matthew on 24th May 2016

It's a catch 22 situation. You have a job interview. Perhaps your first, but you have no money for a suit. So what do you do? Borrow from Mum or Dad. Or maybe a friend?

But many people don't have the luck to have connections that can help.

This charity in London aims to help people in such a bind get a leg up. Offering suits and attire, as well as advice for job seekers in need.

Referrals come from organisations like the NHS, Job Centre Plus & Crises.

They are also supported by blue chip backers such as The Lloyds Banking Group.

Take a look at their website to find out more:

Leeds Recruitment Agency - 0113 277 7000

Manchester Recruitment Agency - 0161 205 66 12

By Matthew

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