Ping Pong Balls - Dangerous, Yes or No?

Posted by Matthew on 30th December 2016

To some, UN rules on dangerous goods can cause a lot of red tape and hold up. At the same time, no one wants dangerous materials handled in an inappropriate manner. So a line has got to be drawn, and it can be difficult to navigate all the rules and regulations. 

Obviously such rules are made to protect people. In this case, Ping Pong balls have previously been classified as dangerous. While this might not seem as obvious as explosives or noxious chemicals, the fumes the balls give off under fire can actually be very hazardous. This was why they were classified in the category. However, a new ruling, will allow them if they do not weight more than 3 grams, and within packages of 500 Grams. A standard ping pong ball weighs 2.7g, which brings it in just under the limit. 

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By Matthew

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