New Operation Stack Decision - Stanford West Lorry Park

Posted by Matthew on 10th July 2016

A new government decision has been made to push ahead with the proposed Stanford West Lorry Park. This will attempt to deal with heightened traffic, such as experienced during last summers Calais migration crises.

The park will have capacity for 3,600 lorries, will be roughly the size of Disneyland Paris, and will cost £250 Million. 

This should come as a relief to anyone caught in the operation stack fiasco, and is a reversal of a previously reported decision.  Time will tell whether the park will cope with the logistical challenge, and just what the experience will be like for drivers.

George Osborne was predictably upbeat: “We are taking bold action to deal with the severe inconvenience suffered by people living and working in Kent when cross-Channel services are affected. A long-term solution that will keep traffic moving has been talked about for decades, but now we are delivering it.”

Though the response from local Councillors, trade groups and MP's was decidedly more mixed.

Further research will be carried out to determine the costs of inaction. In competition with the concept, an idea for a "virtual queuing" solution. This would communicate with drivers via text messages, letting you know when slots became available across the channel, and informing your decision to cross.

Were you caught up in last years problems. Which solution would you prefer?

By Matthew

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