HGV Driver Shortage Continues

Posted by Matthew on 14th February 2016

As the economy ebs and flows, supply & demand mirrors the growth and contraction in many industries - logistics is no different. If you are one of our drivers, or a company looking for fleet staff, you probably already know this. But it doesn't look like it is going to change any time soon. It is estimated that 150,000 drivers will be needed in the UK by 2020. What's more, the skill requirements for drivers continies to move ever upwards - for example from european legislation - barring easy entry to new wannabes, and making experienced drivers even more of an asset.

If you are a driver, get in touch, and let us use our pedegree of experience and our infrastructure to match your valuable skills with the best clients.

If you are company needing drivers then give us a call, and pick from our reliable, high quality and ever available fleet of drivers.

Leeds Logistics - 0113 277 7000

Manchester Logistics - 0161 205 66 12

By Matthew

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