Cycle Aware - Cycle Training For HGV Drivers

Posted by Matthew on 19th June 2016

Cyclists and HGV drivers are often not the best of friends, and over the years cyclists have unfortunately lost lives when the two come in to contact. So much so that some have called for bans on lorries in city centres at certain times of day.

Cambridge company Outspoken had another idea - why not get drivers out of their cabs and on to the seat? Could that change awareness and interaction?

600 hundred drivers were signed up to the A Safe Urban Driving Course", and the effects have been very positive:

"Many of the drivers haven't been on bikes in 20 or 30 years" says McNab of Outspoken.

The shift in perception, and understanding of how cyclists use the road has opened up a new appreciation amongst the drivers, and hopefully less accidents! The course works both ways as well, with cyclists given views from the perspective of HGV drivers. Perhaps the two can learn to live together peacefully yet..... 

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By Matthew

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